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Hi, I’m Melanie, The founder of TIE Builder – TIE is an acronym for Technology. Innovation. Education and as a passionate advocate for the use of technology in business and learning environments, I help individuals, families, educators and businesses to develop the skill and insight needed to achieve their full potential and realize their goals. I have a special interest in immersive technologies like augmented, virtual and mixed reality and am invested in advancing the technologies and opportunities that allow ALL individuals to meet their full potential.


I am the founder of TIE Builder. TIE is an acronym for Technology. Innovation. Education. TIE Builder seeks to advance knowledge in the areas of emerging technology use in training and learning environments, the future of work and learning and learning equity.

I have authored and co-authored a variety of content including business proposals and  presentations, sales training, product marketing briefs, conference presentations and workshops, digital/online presentations and lessons, peer-reviewed journal articles, blog posts, social media campaigns and more. 

I author and ghost author online and social media content and build and  administer wordpress websites. 

I  am a peer referee for academic journal as a subject matter expert in the use of immersive technologies (augmented, virtual and mixed reality) in education and training environments. 

My career has spanned  global technology firms,  higher education and academia and entrepreneurship. I have a unique set of skills and experience acquired through progressive sales, marketing, program development, training and enablement and strategy roles. I am an advocate for learner equity and I have a passion emerging and disruptive technologies.